I've been brought up around computers since I was child, and I still have fond memories of playing games like Dizzy the Egg and Fun School on my Amstrad CPC 464. Since then I've been a avid gamer and technophile. I've since owned various game consoles from an Atari 2600 to my Gamecube, Xbox and more (all of which I still own).

I was drawn to Flash games and learnt my first programming skills in actionscript at the age of 14. After that I attended University at Wales Aberystwyth, achieving a degree in Computer Science and Artifical Intelligence. I always wanted to be a games developer and had my heart set on making games and building something millions of people could enjoy.

After University, I managed to land my first job at Zoƫ Mode, working on the Disney Sing It! karaoke games franchise. Since then I've worked for Mediatonic, Ubisoft and Hutch Games.


Hutch Games - F1 Clash

Future Games of London - Hungry Shark World

Future Games of London - Hungry Shark Evolution

Mediatonic - Heavenstrike Rivals

Mediatonic - Amateur Surgeon 3

Mediatonic - Delivery Outlaw

Zoe Mode - Disney Sing it!


These days I find myself in leadership and management roles, but I make a concerted effort to keep my development and technical skills up to date.

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages:

    C++, C#, Java, Obj-C, Python, Swift, Javascript, PHP.

  • Build Tools & CI:

    Jenkins/Maven, Shell/Bash, Gradle, Make, Ant, Proguard.

  • Games Development Tools:

    Unity, Cocos2dx, Xamarin, Visual Studio.

  • Version Control:

    SVN, Perforce, Git.

  • Web Programming:

    Node.js, AWS, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, DynamoDB, Apache, MySQL, Redis